Voy hasta el fin del mundo,czyli co znalazłem na drugim końcu świata

Subiektywna kronika z podróży do Peru, Boliwii i Chile

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Going South: Ica!

Nasz hotelPiwko

Buenos dias mis amigos!

You can't describe the feeling when you get up in the morning knowing that you'll have to go to work, you leave your room and what you see is the sun shining, a pool and beer in within 10 meters from your bed... holidays!

Nasz hotelNasz hotelWitek

The day before we covered a distance of 325 km (267 in a straight line) and got to Ica, the main city of the Ica department created in 1563 by Jerónimo de Cabrera. Ica lies at 405 meters above sea level, has almost 300 000 inhabitants and is the center of Peruvian wine and pisco production. I think I'm going to move here when I retire...

The day plan wasn't too complicated. An Internet cafe in the morning to inform the family of my still being alive and proving that by some up to date photos. Then sipping some beer in the hotel swimming-pool, some swimming not to get too stiff, some talk with some ladies... Generally applied who-cares and whatever. We explored the centre:

  • taxi for 3s,
  • a quite good meal for 5s (despite warnings we ate the salad!),
  • Funny vehicles somewhere between a old fashioned scooters and a Fiat 126p,
  • Smiling children everywhere. The kept shouting Hola and Hello at us.
W kafejce internetowejKoleżanki z Hiszpanii
Obiad za 5 soliIca
IcaOjczyzna ziemniakaIcaIca
  • In the country of potatos you can buy numerous kinds of rice but potatoes and a luxury good,
  • You can buy everything on the streets, even books,
  • Repulsive residential areas and debris can be found near very interesting churches,
  • We look into a window and see a huge hall in which dentists treat teeth. We wonder if it's normal here or if they're trying to get the Guinness record.
IcaHurtownia dentystów
Taniec na ulicyIca
IcaIcaKościół w IcaOazaKościół w Ica

And in the evening we're having barbecue at the hotel. It costs 20 s – drinks and food inclusive for 90 minutes. A tourist gives us a spontaneous show of torch dancing. The night finishes by a beer at the bar and a chat with a nice Dutch girl.

Impreza z grillemTaniec z pochodniamiNasz hotel
* * * * *

In the morning we continue our journey. 135 km before we reach Nazca. On the way we admire the desert. We can see some green here and there and the majestic Andes in the background.

W drodze do NazcaW drodze do Nazca
W drodze do NazcaW drodze do NazcaW drodze do NazcaW drodze do Nazca
W drodze do NazcaW drodze do NazcaHandel na ulicy

We get to Nazca. We're greeted by not very big buildings and a lady selling some fruit through the bus window. To be continued.

W drodze do NazcaW drodze do NazcaW drodze do NazcaW drodze do NazcaW drodze do Nazca

MapaBarcelonaLimaIcaNazcaArequipaColca TiticacaCuscoSalcantay trekMachu PicchuLa PazCoroicoPampa DżunglaŚwiętaSalar de UyuniAtacamaTacnaPożegnanie z Ameryką

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W drodze do Nazca


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