Wyruszam na koniec Świata...
Voy hasta el fin del mundo

Zapis z podróży do Peru, Boliwii i Chile
Las fotos y notas del viaje a Perú, Bolivia y Chile

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Welcome to the Bolivian JungleBienvenido en Selva

Policjant rozładowuje korkiRurrenabaqueRurrenabaque

On our return from the Pampa we wolf down the pizza and tumble into beds! In the morning, we’ve got one hour to take a stroll through Rurrenabaque; right after we get into a boat similar to the one we travelled in across the Pampa.

Dyskoteka w RurrenabaqueRurrenabaqueRurrenabaqueRurrenabaque

I try really hard to find a post office in order to send some postcards which I wrote during my stay in La Paz. Some residents don’t even know what I’m asking about. At the beginning I thought that I mixed up words but then I realised that they simply don’t use post at all. Finally, after several questions, I manage to find a building with a board saying correos; inside, however, there is no one but an old TV.

RurrenabaquePoczta w Rurrenabaque
Rio BeniDoktorRio BeniMadidi National ParkRio Beni

Today we are sailing up the Beni River to the Madidi Park where we’re supposed to experience Bolivian jungle... We’re going to spend here two days. As for me it’s nothing special, just a forest with a little bit taller trees than in our regions... Forgive me that I don’t write much here, but, apart from the fact that we were swinging on a liana and that our guide showed us the old Indian way of carrying mineral water, nothing worthy of note happened and we weren’t even bitten by anything exotic! If someone wants to see a jungle I strongly advise you against visiting it in this way... Besides, food remains good... end of report.

Rio BeniRobak i SzczepanRio Beni
Drzewa też mają płećMadidi National ParkMadidi National ParkRobakSzczepanMadidi National ParkRobak na baranaIndianski patent na mineralną

* * * * *

Chwila zadumy nad przyrodąMadidi National ParkMadidi National ParkMadidi National ParkMadidi National ParkPajączek
Madidi National ParkMadidi National ParkMadidi National Park

Next morning, after breakfast, we went for a walk again. I use this expression intentionally because it’s not a trip to a jungle I would imagine. What can I write about... some trees look as if they had legs... what else... we came across a spider but probably it wasn’t even poisonous! We didn’t get any machetes, nothing tried to devour us... boredom...

I think the best moment of the day was during breakfast when our friend was trying to quote folk wisdom in this way: they always hang a shoemaker and behead someone else, or something like that...

Rio BeniSzczepan, Robak i DoktorRio BeniRio BeniMali Indianie z Rurrenabaque

We are going back to Rurrenabaque; sailing down the river took us about one hour. I can’t take my camera off the children playing by the river...

Mały Indianin z RurrenabaqueMali Indianie z RurrenabaqueMały Indianin z Rurrenabaque
Mały Indianin z RurrenabaqueMały Indianin z RurrenabaqueMali Indianie z RurrenabaqueMali Indianie z RurrenabaqueMali Indianie z Rurrenabaque

Witold Wieszczek – the one who was rambling through the jungle.

To language of Shakespeare translated by Kamil Razowski.

Voy hasta el fin del mundo (Peru - Boliwia - Chile):

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MAPABarcelonaLimaIcaNazcaArequipaColca TiticacaCuscoSalcantay trekMachu PicchuLa PazCoroicoPampa JungleŚwiętaSalar de UyuniAtacamaTacnaPożegnanie z Ameryką

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Poczta w Rurrenabaque

Monique: "okno na świat" ... extra model

Rio Beni

Monique: Mimo wszystko wygląda egzotycznie, kolor wody też :-) fajnie pokazane w kadrze


Monique: Może i nie jest jadowity, ale wygląda inaczej niż nasze polskie

Mały Indianin z Rurrenabaque

Monique: Super fotografia:-))

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